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Use Cases

Image by No Revisions

Snack Factory

Leading snack factory digitize data-collection process in its shop floor for an improved 6% of their OEE value

Image by Arshad Pooloo

Early-life nutrition Company

World-class early life product manufacturer takes new and agile approach on managing issues on the shop floor that allow for immediate problem solving and reports

Love Locker

Nutrition Company

Global nutrition company committed to energy saving and sustainability and save up billions every month

Image by Tasos Mansour

Fertilizer Company

PT Petrokimia Gresik developed 64 AR/VR training modules in 6 months that resulted in shorter skill gap between employees

Image by Markus Gjengaar

Music Instrument Company

Musical instrument company utilizes Virtual Reality to train employees that result in zero accident at work and shorter training duration.

Image by HowToGym

Baby Formula Company

Building a successful wide-scale continuous improvement culture in a Baby Formula company for a 70% productivity achievement

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