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Use Cases

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Snack Factory

Leading snack factory digitize data-collection process in its shop floor for an improved 6% of their OEE value

Problem :

The platform allowed the manufacturer to simplify data-collection and get real-time information on each and entire line-to-factory that results in increased OEE value

Outcome :

Manual data collecting on the production line takes up days to weeks just to get data on one line. This leads to shop floor losses such as high defects, inefficiency, machine downtime, and low OEE value. There is also no dashboard to easily view the data so managers still need to skim through papers.

Solution :

Machine Vision enabled digital OEE to easily capture machine data and display it into valuable information to identify six big losses. Visualization dashboard for easy reporting on shop floor condition. Customizable dashboard view enables immediate view of what’s critical to keep the production optimal.

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