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Manufacturing Execution System

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Make more with less. Machine Vision Manufacturing Execution System helps drive effective execution of the production line by digitally maintaining order, production, quality, resources and everything in between.

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Operates at Peak Performance

Keep production process operating at peak performance. Machine Vision provides an MES technology to increase margins, cut costs, and compete at a higher level. Real-time visibility helps identify the weakest links in your lines to manage them back to full operating potential.



Real-time digital inspection


Daily management system


Floor report

Bridging ERP and Process Control

Machine Vision MES provides critical information about production activities to others across the organization and supply chain. This helps improve factory communication through integrating ERP/MRP, machinery, sensors, quality assurance equipment and other process control.



Tier level system

Action Plan


Position management

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Increase Traceability

All the data you need at your fingertips. Machine Vision provides the tools to manage and monitor work order execution, enforce products build to specification and document all manufacturing execution detail and material flow in real time on the shop floor.



Business process view

  1. Business Process Report

  2. Activity Report


Predictive analytics & suggestion plan


Company-wide view (get insight data from plant level to specific employee)

  1. Global View (plant data comparison)

  2. Sector, line, process, machine view

  3. People View (monitor each employee performance)

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Ready for Digital Transformation?

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