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Clever Solution for People Development

Digital Learning Experience

Create new learning experience using digital technology in the form of Learning Management System, Augmented Reality and VirtualReality to elevate employees in reaching performance-knowledge balance

Optimize learning journey, let employees improve professionally

Active learning contributes to better result compared to passive learning. Our digital learning platform accommodates any form of learning method to ensure maximum result

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Add immersive digital learning experience to company’s people development program


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Invest in digital learning, invest in company’s growth

Simplify training-need analysis

According to research from Bone and Joint Journal, utilizing digital technology has proven to improve employees’ understanding of their job 33% more compared to conventional training

Each job role has different competency standards to meet, along with the growing technology. Machine Vision Digital Learning Experience (CLEV) enables

Ready to digitally transform your company? 

Discuss with us how our solution enables future digital growth in your company 

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