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Daily Management System

Machine Vision Daily Management System help engage employees in reviewing production activity during each shift. All production data during shift are displayed to enable immediate small-scale fixes and corrections that result in significant performance improvements.

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Understand At a Glance

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Machine Vision Daily Management System displays the important data for each role from production staff to managerial level. DMS give employees a clear message ‘at a glance‘, meaning that all the key information in that workplace is immediately understandable to ensure more efficient meeting and problem solving.



Action Plan Table


KPI Dashboard

Create Just-do-it Improvement

Continuous reporting on shop floor condition in each shift is useful to detect issues earlier before it gets worse. It allows worker to make just-do-it improvement to solve problem immediately during the next shift to prevent further damage.



Floor Report


Problem Detail


Shift History

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Easily Maintain Day-to-day Operation

The real-time data collection and time-based dashboard help maintain daily operation activities and easily track operation history especially when issues appear.



Integrated Daily Meeting Notes


Media Friendly Platform (.pptx, pdf, .jpg)

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