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Machine Vision


Process Improvement

Production line talks, we listen.

We visualize your shop floor to increase OEE and find out what's really happening in your production lines.

Why Digitalisation?


  • Monitor OEE and asset availability from multiple plant in one dashboard and find problem that is happening.

  • Increase capacity utilization and output by identifying and evaluating production problem.


  • Decrease scrap rate by analysing root cause problem.

  • Identify bottlenecks and  problem that cause bad yields in production.

  • Improve continuous improvement initatives from problems transparency.

Production Lines

  • Identify what's really going on that create waste

  • Detailed information from line and machine regarding to OEE, downtime, quality, performance, MTTR/MTBF, reject, etc.

OEE Analytics

Features Highlight

Multi-plant view

Know every events that occur and production issues which can decrease your profit. 

We find the problem, you make the call.

Meet your production expectation

Understand how your production lines work to meet target. Know what factors that prevent your process of achieving high OEE.

Full understanding

Improve your machine productivity by understand your process comprehensively to reduce waste. We dissect and make transparent the performance of each production machine so that it is easy for you to make decisions.