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About Us

Helping manufacturing industry make informed decisions


To be the world’s foundation of every great decision ever made.

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Become essential partner to everyone by providing ecosystem of technology in advancing their use of data and information.

Since 2017, we emerged with a focus to empower manufacturing in Indonesia through Digital Transformation. We realized the potential in every manufacturing as a doorway to innovation.

With a deep understanding of 3 major areas such as lean manufacturing, information and communication technologies, and operational technologies. We believe our knowledge can unlock incredible growth.

With the rise of digital transformation, we built a tailored solution to empower people, process, and system.

Today, we stand by our commitment to deliver solutions, driving Industry 4.0. We guide industries in their transformation journey, helping them move from zero to hero.

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Our Achievement

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StartUs Insight

Top 5 Global Industrial Internet of Things Startup 2019

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Global Startup Award

Finalist ASEAN Startup Awards 2021

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Making Indonesia 4.0

Awarded Special INDI 4.0 Awards 2021 for Industrial IoT Startup

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