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Level Up Operational Excellence to Operational Intelligence

Machine Vision Manufacturing Data Platform

The success of operation is determined by the data supply. Discover the superpower of operational intelligence by turning complex, raw data into readable analytics using our solutions.

Streamline data processing into one simple flow

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Data Acquisition


Data Classification and Tagging

Collect quantitative and qualitative data from every source available including operator entry, sensors, edge analytics, CPC, PLC, and ERP.

Transform manufacturing real-time data into specific data classification and integrate data among business units


Data Processing


Data Visualization

Process raw data into real-time based or eventual-based actionable insight.

View the processed data in multiple platforms from web, mobile, augmented reality and virtual reality. Provided with self-service BI analysis for you to master the art of problem solving

Turn raw data into actionable insight that drive constant growth

Various options to pick from of our ready-to-use app template such as OEE Analytics, DMS, MES, Quality, CMMS, CI, Energy,


OEE Analytics


Daily Management System


Energy Monitoring




Quality Control

Data Acq
Data Class
Data Pross
Data Vis

Start digital transformation from any process on the shop floor

Create your own dashboard

Whatever your current shop floor condition, Machine Vision can assist your journey to digital transformation. From adding digital form input, IoT input, or even with your existing device sensors.

Not only provided with a default analytics dashboard, you can build your own customized dashboard that fit your factory needs and master the art of data-driven problem identification.

Modular and tailored

We understand that every company has a different business process. Unlike the others, our solutions are adaptable to meet your needs.

Ready to digitally transform your company? 

Discuss with us how our solution enables future digital growth in your company 

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