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Machine Vision

Short Interval Control

System Realibility

Integrate all information from many business units, simplify inter-deparment communication, and make decision collectively

Why Digitalisation?

The Importance of Data

  • Production activities create millions of data every minute and it is important to understand the production issues and develop strategy

  • Making decision from bad data could harm entire operation

Integrated Information

  • All business units have the same perception about particular problem and make decision efficiently

  • Increase target belongingness to achieve higher performance

Short Interval Control

Features Highlight

Main Features

  • Improve data management across business units

  • Visualize production information to engineering event and play it on TV - can be seen by everyone

  • Self-personalized dashboard to meet every needs

  • See the report in one page

  • Get notification from another business units


  • We provide widgets to display your achievements

  • Our widgets: Gauge, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Text, Video, Bar Chart, Safety Pyramid, Image, etc.