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People Capability

"CLEV aims to provide your company with a new experience of digital learning to elevate your people in reaching a performance-knowledge balance "

Why Digitalization?

Increase organisation capacity

  • Integrate vision and skill for each individual in organisation to reach target efficiently

  • Increase learning culture from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, to prescriptive

  • Standardise skill and knowledge for each individual


  • Learning Management System for Corporate University

    • Not just like any other LMS out there, we meticulously made it to make sure it fits your corporate needs.

  • Observation-based Learning: Augmented Reality

    • Reinforce understanding of what's learned in class with the real-world situation

  • Practice-based Learning: Virtual Reality

    • Increase 55% of the accomplishment rate by getting a safe hands-on practice using Virtual Reality.


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