Main Task:

  • Menggunakan Typescript dengan framework Nest js, mengimplementasi unit testing, memahami GRPC dan Rest API, mengimplementasi massage broker ex kafka, mqtt. menggunakan akses database postgree, mongo db dan influx


  • Good understanding at javascript (express js, typescript)

  • Familiar with RDBMS (postgre, mysql), NoSQL (mongo), caching (redis)

  • Good Understanding Vue Js with framework Nest Js

  • Good Understanding GRPC and Rest API

  • Eager to learn

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Main Task:

  • Menggunakan Vue js dengan framework Nuxt, mengimplementasi unit testing, mengimpelementasi atomic design, memahami Gitflow, memahami React js menjadi nilai plus


  • Good understanding at HTML 5 and CSS 3

  • Good Undersanding at Javascript (Node JS, Vue JS, React JS, Typescript)

  • Good understanding Vue Js with framework Nuxt

  • Point plus understanding at React

Business Analyst

Main Task:

  • Melakukan monitoring, menerjemahkan client's need, consepting dan solusi project hingga mengevaluasi progres project


  • Candidates with 3 years of experience

  • Business Analyt to Create Solution from our Stakeholder and Product Owner

  • Good understanding at Industrial/Manufacture Knowledge, Electrical and Hardware Knowledge, Server Knowledge

  • Good Communication to Client or Team

  • Problem Solver

Project Manager

Main Task:

  • Memimpin, memonitoring berjalannya project mulai dari proses requirement gathering sampai dengan deployment project


  • Candidates with 3 years of experience

  • Good understanding to supervise and track all stages of the projects, including analysis, planning development

  • Familiar with Industrial/Manufacture Knowledge, SCRUM, ERP

  • Good in English Languange

  • Problem Solver

UI/UX Designer

Main Task:

  • Menentukan User Interface dan User Experience yang digunakan serta melakukan riset, survei, analisis, user testing dan berbagai metode lainnya


  • Candidate with 1-2 years of experience as a designer/lead designer in a design team

  • Have a solid and relevant portfolio/case study in design crafting, design guidelines (UI Kit), and design standards

  • Proficiency in visual communication using visual design foundation (typography, color, shape, form) (Proven in portfolio)

  • Proficiency in using UX design patterns to solve problems in applications for mobile & web platforms (Proven in portfolio)

  • Experienced in using Figma as the main designing tool and able to utilize it fully (auto layout, asset library, prototyping)

Please submit your application (CV + Portfolio) through email: For any inquiries regarding the recruitment process, please reach out ONLY to 0895411211551 (WhatsApp - Riva)