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Machine Vision is a technology company that focuses on helping companies enter Industry 4.0 through continuous technological innovation. With the rise of digital transformation, every company and industry has different problems. For this reason, we built a Low Code-Manufacturing Data Platform to solve specific business problems depending on their needs on shop floor. Instead of relying heavily on programming, low-code platforms simplify application development with techniques like drag-and-drop and visual guidance.

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To be the world’s foundation of every great decision ever made.



Become essential partner to everyone by providing ecosystem of technology in advancing their use of data and information

Behind Our Vision

Our team consists of passionate, curious, and always learning people to give the best results. We have a persistent vision. To be the world’s foundation of every great decision ever made. Begin with Indonesia’s manufacturing sector through technological innovation. Step by step, we are always chasing our next goal with the unwavering belief that we’ll achieve it. Take chances, early mistakes. That’s how we grow fast.

A Partner in Digitalization

Change is daunting. Breaking the old habit and shifting toward industry 4.0 is no easy job. It comes at a cost. That cost is struggle, discomfort, and uncertainty. With us, we are pleasure to help and assist companies to transform seamlessly. Our team are skilled and very open to discussion. We are committed to put integrity, quality, and service first when it comes to our clients, so we can develop first-class product and deliver it to you.



Top 5 Global Industrial Internet of Things Startup-2019




Finalist ASEAN Startup Awards - 2021

Awarded Special INDI 4.0 Awards 2021 for

Industrial IoT Startup

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