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Excel in Data Acquisition & Processing

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Machine Vision combines precise data acquisition both quantitatively and qualitatively using data science, thus the production process and its problems become more visible

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We understand that digital transformation can be daunting and need a huge effort. Here at Machine Vision, we help and assist companies to transform seamlessly by creating roadmaps, implementing technology, and creating a sustainable innovation environment



Data-Driven Practitioners

We are experienced in delivering operational excellence for manufacturing companies. We always use a data-first approach to solve problems and harness technology to increase productivity comprehensively.

What we believe

We believe in escalating the process, without replacing humans.

Every step in the supply chain creates massive amounts of data and it's hard to figure out which one affects the decision making. By understanding and visualizing the shop floor, production professionals on all levels will get instant information and feedback which they can use to manage their daily operation effectively. With good data and the right technology, leaders can make better and faster decisions to boost productivity and raise efficiency.

Why we're here

From Indonesia, for Indonesia.

In Indonesia, digital transformation can be daunting. We are truly aware that breaking the old habit and shifting to industry 4.0 is hard. We are working to build a future in which manufacturers can use better data and aren't afraid to be connected. Our mission is to reshape industries in Indonesia through human approach.

Implementing Industrial IoT in Indonesia isn’t merely about how advanced your technology can provide, but how you solve simple problems that matter the most and how you engage human emotionally. It is people that need to be empowered, not to be replaced. It is people that have to be touched, not technology alone.

Where we're going

Reshaping Indonesia

at Machine Vision, we have a dream. Dream of Indonesia has a strong manufacturing sector. Dream of low-mid manufacturing companies can contribute massively to our economy.



Top 5 Global Industrial Internet of Things Startup-2019


Finalist ASEAN Startup Awards - 2021

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